Our core values and principles

Man GLG is a leading discretionary fund manager that delivers absolute return and long-only investment strategies across asset classes, sectors and geographies. Our business is built upon certain fundamental values that we deem critical to the success of our firm:



We focus on attracting the best talent, striving for a unique mix of people with can-do attitudes, curiosity and a collaborative spirit. Excellence requires a blend of intelligence, knowledge and persistence, and Man GLG’s team is organised to succeed.


Positive investment performance requires forward thinking. As we strive to deliver the results our clients demand, we use creativity, innovation and unconventional thinking, applied with discipline and dedication to seek attractive long-term performance.


Our team is focused on uncovering opportunities for our clients, using sophisticated analysis to understand market dynamics. From the interplay between broad macroeconomic factors and market fundamentals, to geopolitical risk, to more idiosyncratic and event-driven scenarios, Man GLG is built to hunt for potential alpha opportunities.


Everything we do must be clear, honest, exposed to scrutiny and most important of all – reproducible. We strive constantly to improve and set standards in an atmosphere of transparency, teamwork and shared values.


Man GLG’s culture is – ‘the answer is yes, now what needs to be done?’ It’s an attitude born from collaboration, allowing us to mobilise Man Group resources to challenge and question prevailing assumptions.

Leadership Team

The aim of our leadership team is to provide strategic direction for the firm and ensure the optimal running of the business in a controlled manner.


Innovation over the decades


Building our investment talent

In order to expand our product range we continue to recruit what we consider to be best in class investment talent. Recent examples of hires include Firmino Morgado and Filipe Bergana in the European Income space, Craig Veysey in the Strategic Bond area and Michael Scott to run a High Yield bond strategy.


As a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment since 2012, Man GLG is committed to a socially-responsible investment approach that combines best practices in ESG analysis with the interests and values of our clients.

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