Great minds,
thinking differently.| 

Great minds,
thinking differently.| 

Great minds,
thinking differently.| 

  • We are a leading discretionary investment manager offering absolute return and long-only strategies across asset classes, sectors & regions
  • Our goal is to generate attractive investment performance for our clients
  • Established in 1995, we are a global business with headquarters in London and offices in New York, Zurich, Tokyo and Hong Kong
  • Our culture is based around fostering leading investment talent within a collaborative environment

Access our latest thinking

Simon ponders the investment landscape against the backdrop of the biggest economic experiment in living memory and identifies a strategy that could continue to deliver incremental returns in such an environment.

Simon Savage

The EM debt space has become a perilous place over the last 12 months, as testified to by record outflows. We argue that many investors are falling victim to a herd mentality which is causing them to neglect obvious opportunity. We believe under loved countries such as Russia and Venezuela offer compelling value for those willing to break away from the crowd.

Guillermo Osses

Pierre-Henri shares his thoughts on the outlook for mergers and acquisitions in a region in which the economic landscape remains decidedly troublesome and reaches a surprising conclusion. 

Pierre-Henri Flamand

  • 1995 FOUNDED





Information as of 31 March 2016

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